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Landrover based police van
We can supply:
  • Squad vehicles to carry from 4 to 9 officers and 2 to 6 prisoners in a secure Cell cage,
  • Public order vehicles (PSU) to carry up to l2 officers and all their equipment,
  • Custodial transport vehicles,
  • Mobile command units and Police stations,
  • Discreet vehicles with survelUance equipment,
  • Patrol vehicles,
  • SOCO units,
  • Police dog units,
We offer an extensive range of options some of which are listed below:
  • Full External window guards,
  • Polycarbonate windows,
  • Protective bars interior reinforcement and polyprop linings,
  • Exhaust guards,
  • Full range of light bars LED and Siren/public address systems,
  • Full decals and markings,
  • Secure weapons storage areas,
  • Runflat tyre systems.
Land Rover and Iveco based products are illustrated.
Astra based police van